January 2024 Lessons Learned

Posted by Marc Salvador on

January is always a hit or miss in retail and sales. No one is shopping and we enter the blue days. Emotions are low and motivation is also very low, we often like to give up. Here at the shop, we felt all of this and shared similar stories with other small business owners, which helped us to move forward.

If you follow us on Instagram (@shopmigs) you know that we released some very special news in January. After being in business for 4 years, we are finally going to be holding inventory/stock and having an opportunity to partner with a boutique consignment shop to have our top sellers displayed for the next 6 - 12 months !!! In you’re in Ontario, Canada, specifically the Southwestern parts, you’ll soon be able to see our products IRL !!! We can’t wait for you to see them up close and personal, and try them on and experience their power.

If you’re just starting out in business and worried about the month to month, take it day by day and minute by minute, enjoy the journey !!! We’re always in a rush to get to the finish line that we often forget to stop and smell the roses. Being a small business isn’t always as luxurious are those that are successful pose, sometimes it’s long nights, lots of tears, and lots of fears. But it’s also super rewarding, super fun, and super positive vibes. Keep on keeping on ! We’re all in this together.

With Love,

MiGS xo