2023 In Review

Posted by Marc Salvador on

Hello ! And welcome to my blog !!!

What a whirlwind 2023 was for us here at M1GS - if you follow us on Instagram (@shopmigs) you are aware that we almost had to shut down our site at the end of the year due to lack of funds and traffic to the site, we had barely made ANY sales in 2023 :( Read the statement below by our CEO:

"Hello to all our supporters worldwide. 2023 was a tough year for me, personally and professionally, and often left me in a state of complete anxiousness and depression leaving no energy to work on M1GS at all. Nearing December of 2023, we had barely made ANY sales and were at risk of having to shutdown. What started off as a passion project, turned into more than that and I have all of you who have supported on this journey to thank. We made enough sales in December and January to keep us open 2 more months, and have worked diligently on a plan of action to keep our site open for years to come !!!

As I reflect on the past year and learn and grow, one thing I know for sure is that this business wouldn't be possible without each and everyone of you. Your stories of how your purchases have made you feel - physically (the coziest of hoodies) and mentally (from the LOVE collection and affirmations collection), I knew this wasn't the end. I have some cool product coming out this year, and a huge announcement you'll have to wait to see. I look forward to the future and empowering more and more of you each day ! Thank you for all the kind words, the encouragement, and the continued support ! See you around !"

We are excited for the future, Cheers to growth and development in 2024 - wishing you all prosperity, good health and wealth, in love, in positivity, and in abundance all around. 

As always, remember to be kind to yourself - YOU ARE DESERVING, YOU ARE WORTHY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Live YOUR BEST LIFE, unapologetically and authentically.